sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008


The second best part of Vanilla Sky. I really think this part of film amazing, because have you already thought about what would you do if you could choose a point of your life that from this moment on you could live happy the rest it. Would you like this? Think this!!!

Read below. Good lecture:

- What's the Lucid Dream option?

- Good choice. The Lucid Dream is Life Extension's newest option. For a little extra, we offer the cryonic union of science and entertainment. Some find this presentation helpful.

Portrait of a modern human life. American, male, birth and death. Imagine that you are suffering from a terminal illness. You'd like to be cryonised but you'd rather be resurrected to continue your own life as you know it now.

LE offers you the answer. Upon resurrection, you will continue in an ageless state, preserved, but living in the present with a future of your choosing. Your death will be wiped from your memory.

Your life will continue as a realistic work of art, painted by you minute to minute. You'll live it with the romantic abandon of a summer day, with the feeling of a great movie or pop song you always loved. With no memory of how it occurred, save for the knowledge that everything simply improved.

In any instance of discontent, you'll be visited by technical support. It's just around the corner. The day after tomorrow, another chapter begins seamlessly. A living dream,

Life Extension's promise to you.


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